Kaitlyn Hollander is an emerging multidisciplinary artist based in Oakville who works in a variety of mediums including printmaking, painting, collage, and installation. Their work examines everyday things; they take a closer, playful look at the often overlooked yet essential ordinary subjects of our lives. Hence, their work has explored many topics including family dysfunction and mental health. They graduated from Queen’s University with a BFA in 2019 and have showcased their work across Ontario in a number of galleries and private collections including the Isabel Bader Center for the Performing Arts.

"My work seeks to take a deeper look into everyday things - the often overlooked, yet essentially ordinary subjects of our lives. I’m often fascinated by objects which have an essence of duality to them or are absurd in their existence. Hence, I have explored subjects ranging from the quiet, innocuous realities of family dysfunction to the joys of the little, strange things in life such as graffitied trees in the absence of walls. I place narratives on top of these subjects, amplifying the emotions and thoughts they spur within me.

My process is eco conscious as it seeks to reuse materials as much as possible. I give my scraps a second life as reworked collage and CNC cut objects. I treasure objects that take such an industrial effort to create but are usually considered worthless - the offcuts of final products, items past their intended lifetimes. The imperfections of my materials and found objects traverse the boundary of value; what is the moment trash becomes treasure again?"

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