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Family Relations

Dec 2019
(Stone Lithography monoprints)

Stone lithography collage mishmash of the Of Family and Stone matrices.
Continuation in exploring family dysfunction and my personal experiences with the subjects.

Of Family and Stone

April 2019Installation / Printmaking
(prints, proofs, fabric, silicone, dye, acrylic, wood), Printmaking (Stone Lithography)

Stone lithography installation which explores the quiet realities of dysfunctional families using portraiture of my own family.

They're / Not There

March 2019Printmaking
(Hybrid Laser Woodcut)

Laser etching and woodcut which explores the realities of a long distance relationship and my university experience.


December 2017Installation
(video, found objects, fabric, wood)

Video installation exploring my experience with sexual assault, noodles bowls, and the #metoo movement.

Let's Stay Home

December 2017Digital / Installation
(digital sound, found objects)

Sound piece exploring the lived experience of a mental health crisis.