Linocut.   2022, ongoing.

This body of work is an extension of, The Little Things. In the same vein, this is the process of the artist's recovery from CPTSD. It is their concerted effort to take note of the things that bring beauty, joy and intrigue to their world in order to rekindle a passion for creating art. These linocuts serve as a technical exercise too - after many years away from creation, how can the artist use simple mark making to create depth and texture? How cleanly can lines be cut and print? Can blocks be stippled? At what point will lines begin to fill in the printing process?

HOLGA 120N, 8 x10″ Linocut, 2022
NIKON D3400, 8 x10″ Linocut, 2022
CANON AV1, 8 x10″ Linocut, 2022
KETTLE, 8 x10″ Linocut, 2022
ROLLIFELX 2.8F, 8 x10″ Linocut, 2022
COMPASS, 8 x10″ Linocut, 2022