Hollander's work functions as a reflective essay, uncovering the beauty and horror in overlooked facets of life. Their choice of medium is a deliberate process, guided by the conceptual essence of each artwork. Hollander employs a variety of mediums including painting, printmaking and mixed media considering the medium's embedded associations within life, historical context, and societal implications. An eco-conscious ethos permeates the artistic process often repurposing discarded materials such as found canvases, papers, and kitsch. Thus, their work reveres the beauty in the everyday, elevating the mundane and life's nuances to artistic contemplation.


THE LITTLE THINGS is a therapeutic, deliberate effort to rediscover the small wonders of life after several years of depression and trauma magnified by Hollander's university experience.
HAPPY! 24" x 36" acrylic & mixed media, 2022
EMOTIONAL T-T TRAFFIC!   24" x 48" acrylic, 2022
NOT HAPPY 24" x 36" acrylic & mixed media, 2022


OF FAMILY AND STONE utilizes the imbued attachments of stone lithography to investigate Hollander's maternal family trauma. Family bonds are fragile; even being set in stone doesn't mean they can't be chipped, cracked, and broken. While people appear perfect on the surface, free of strife or pain, often their wounds are hidden within the process of creating their perfect mask. 
Mommy (Stone) 18" x 21",  stone lithography,  1 of 5,  2018
Mommy 18" x 21",  stone lithography,  1 of 5,  2018
OF FAMILY AND STONE      installation size prints 80" x 80" x 100" approx.,  18" x 21", & 23" x 17.5",  fabric, silicone, dye, acrylic, wood, stone lithography,  2019
Installation includes both the prints and original lithography stones the prints are pressed from. Only the stones of living subjects are included in the installation.
Ropes begin at the paternal figures of Apo and Gong-Gong.  The order of the rope is determined by the level of intimacy to each child had to the paternal figure.
The ropes connecting each portrait are weaved with fabric and the torn print proofs from the creation process.  [Left] The photo wall contains a portion of the studies, proofs, and behind the scenes work for each print (see photo 1).
DELPHINE 15" x 22",   3 layer colour lithograph,   2 of 3,  2018
The project began with this print a year prior. Since, Delphine's portrait has been redrawn 5-6 times in pursuit of capturing her likeness and nature.


THE REAL 14" x 21",   Film Photography, Digital, Screen print, Waterless Lithography,   1 of 3,  2018
A commemorative piece of Hollander's Canada 150 trip on VIA Rail, they seek to question whether the digital or physical realm is the true "real" place. Digital and physical assets become blurred as Hollander pendulums between digital & physical drawing & tracing, digital printing of scanned film distortions, and the physical pressing processes of waterless lithograph and screen printing. 


KAREN LAW 11" x 17" Pencil Crayon,  2021
Portrait of a classmate, Karen Kar Yen Law.


FAMILY FARM 22" x 28" acrylic & oil pastel, 2021
Commissioned work of patron's family farm. Fittingly, it now sits at the family farm.