Prettier than it tastes
Dragon Fruit

16" x 20" x 3/4"
mixed media, acrylic

I love how dragon fruit looks, I enjoy the taste, but I admit, it certainly is prettier than it tastes.  

Made of acrylic paints including a special extra matte black paint for the outlines and gel medium for highlights.


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Prettier than it tastes

This painting is part of an ongoing body of work, The Little Things, is the process of my recovery from CPTSD - my concerted effort to take note of the things that bring beauty, joy and intrigue to my world in order to rekindle a passion for creating art. In playful, yet somber, applications of layers and mark making, I indulge the world’s small absurd joys. By cartooning and abstracting them, I distills the feeling of intrigue they create in me.