Underground Telephone Cable Box

23 3/4" x 35 3/4" x 3/4"
mixed media, acrylic

A very happy telephone cable box with his friend, the sun. After all, with these boxes often so neglected, who else will keep him company?

Made of layers of glued papers, acrylic paints, and a special extra matte black paint for the outlines.

companion piece to NOT HAPPY.

not for sale.

This painting is part of an ongoing body of work, The Little Things, is the process of my recovery from CPTSD - my concerted effort to take note of the things that bring beauty, joy and intrigue to my world in order to rekindle a passion for creating art. In playful, yet somber, applications of layers and mark making, I indulge the world’s small absurd joys. By cartooning and abstracting them, I distills the feeling of intrigue they create in me.